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April 9, 2020

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I'm Dustin Steller. As Editor-in-Chief, I strive to give you lots of eye-candy & let you get to know me a bit. Oh! and I love me some comment love, didn't you know?!



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Steller Photography is based in Kansas City and primarily produces artistic photography for weddings & seniors...high school seniors, not old people.

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August, 2007 Archive


Michael+Christina Wedding
PhotographyWeddings // Twitter / Facebook / Delicious / StumbleUpon / DIGG / Reddit

My burning hot couple from a few weeks ago got married! The celebration took place in a very small town in a small country church just a little while ago. The occasion was celebratory and joyous with big family, big laughs, and big hearts all around!

The weather was slightly overcast and miserably hot — stifling even. Everyone trooped around outside for photos and a few unique opportunities arose…trains, planes and automobiles…without the planes part. The church sat a few hundred feet from the busy train tracks of Strasburg. We crossed them for the boys’ photos. When we did, we saw this rocking car rumble by…we flagged him down and borrowed the restored black ’69 Camaro for our shots! Too fun! Later, we flagged an oncoming train down. Okay, we didn’t flag it down, but it did stop not too far from us while we were shooting the couple’s photos and then started up again and we got to watch it leave. Awesome!

Michael & Christina, I look forward to seeing you guys again soon for your proofs, but in the mean time, here are some fun teasers!

Small Town America

The radiant lacy dress!

The Dress

Shoes n Boquet

Bad boys for a bad boy car! 

The Boys and their toys

Tough Guys

The Boys

Pretty, Oh so pretty

Michael, Michael, Michael…peeking at his lovely bride’s hand prior to the ceremony. Special moments! 

No Peeking!

Holding it just right



Laughing Kisses

Can you see the train coming?  

Can you see the train?

Ring Shot

Beautiful Bride


Kiss Kiss

The very last one, I promise!

Texture Experiment

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Splitting Pixels Blogged about me!
Distractions // Twitter / Facebook / Delicious / StumbleUpon / DIGG / Reddit

Splitting Pixels – A rad bunch of talented digital artists blogged about on Splitting Pixels! Thanks for the kind mention!

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Hit 25,000 Views on my Flickr
Distractions // Twitter / Facebook / Delicious / StumbleUpon / DIGG / Reddit

Kinda Flickr Cool – I just saw that I hit 25,000 views on my Flickr account. That is supah-sweet! Thanks for all the looks, people!

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