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September 28, 2020

Meet the Editor

I'm Dustin Steller. As Editor-in-Chief, I strive to give you lots of eye-candy & let you get to know me a bit. Oh! and I love me some comment love, didn't you know?!



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Michael+Christina Engagement
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Michael and Christina met me the other day to talk about their wedding coming up very soon in August. I think I speak for all three of us…we are excited (I think they may be a bit more excited, but hey, photographers can have fun, too!).

We got to know one another, meeting at Starbuck’s on the Country Club Plaza and then meandering around exploring and having a good ol’ time. I hope the pictures show it. Let me know what you think!

Normally, I wouldn’t post a sultry pic like this first, but this was the first shot out of the camera! Hot!

First Shot!

Sticking out tongues!

MC Tongues


His killer blue eyes make for wicked black & whites.


Alley Smiles






Rest n Relax


Follow the arrows, bro. Follow the arrows.

Heading One Direction


Even their backsides are cute. It makes me sick. :-)

Butt Shot


HA!Texture Experiment

As an experiment: I purchased a cool texture of iStockphoto and did some playing around. What do you think?

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  1. Shannon

    Oh my gosh Dustin- these are wonderful! So much variety, every shot executed perfectly. They are hot, fun, cute, beautiful- love them!


  2. Jan

    Super Wow! What an awesome shoot! I can totally see your mind working here…just beautiful. The ones that are sticking in my head are 6, 8, 14 and 16. Keep it up!

  3. Kate Mefford

    I am so proud of you, Dus. I LOVE the ones where he has hoisted himself up between 2 walls, and also the tile one where they are sitting…you are so meant for this wedding stuff, dude!!!

    Am I crazy or does he totally look like Breckin Meyer???

  4. jasmine*

    Duuuude, you’re so rockin’! :) I love them all!!

  5. bobbi+

    HOOOOOOLY COW! You’re such an amazing photographer! Thanks for being my inspiration for the week… needed it, big big big time!

  6. Dustin

    Gosh, you all are making my day! Thanks so much for the feedback!

    Shannon – Thank you. They were a cute, fun, hot, and bautiful couple. It wasn’t hard to take pics of them.

    Jan – I didn’t realize I posted so many! Goodness, sorry. lol! :-) 14 & 16 were my favorites, too.

    Kate – That was totally his idea. I had him climbing all around and he was resting there. I made him stay there for about 30 frames!

    Jasmine* – Thanks!

    Bobbi+ – You inspired me today, so it cuts both ways, yo! :-) I am very new to all of this, with only shooting a couple weddings and this was my very first engagement shoot. Thank you for the kind words. :-)

  7. Jason Domingues

    Right on man…THATS how you shoot the plaza! I love it!


  8. Jason Domingues

    In the voice of the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld ” NO..Blue steps for you”!

  9. Shy

    wow wow wow…. I love your creativity Dustin! These are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but entertaining as well!!


  10. Luke

    Dustin – you again amaze me! Glad to see some of your latest work! Drop me a line sometime!


  11. Jimmy "JJ" Walker


  12. Dustin

    Jimmy JJ รขโ‚ฌโ€œ are you the famous comedian?? Awesome that you commented!

    Luke – You have been rocking the house with your sock photography. Thanks for stopping by!

    Shyla – HUGS right back! Thanks!

    Jason – I am laughing my head off!! Classic funny, man. It seems like everyone shoots the plaza and I want to be a bit different. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. andrea

    wow, i just love your style!! these totally rock. you totally rock. thanks for the inspiration :)

  14. Luke

    Dustin… my sock photography ?? LOL Thats ok…I was working on my blog and I kinda spelled Stellar Times wrong too! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Of course, it isn’t quite ready yet…no one was supposed to see it for a couple more days :)

  15. Lisa Fitts

    omigoodness you totally ROCK!!! way to go I love all of them!!!

  16. Jamie

    You are totally rockin it out Dustin! Lovin it!

  17. jenn_a

    lovin’ the textured one.

  18. Heather Cole

    Can you say freakin amazin. I’m so honored to call you my friend. You are so talented!!

  19. Luke

    4 Macs? Crazy…I bet they get their use too! With all them Steller girls shopping and all :) check out this photo from when my family got together at Christmas: . Any any one time there were 5 laptops, one PDA and 2 desktops in the house all connected to the wireless network :)

  20. Luke

    ok…so you stripped out the photo so here: http://nu-creation.smugmug.com/photos/50230437-L.jpg.

  21. Kelley

    You’re just obnoxiously amazingly talented Dustin :-) Love ’em all! So when are we going to do that fun stuff we were all supposed to be getting together for???

  22. mari

    These are all super hot! They will surely be ecstatic over them.

  23. Katie

    WOW! These are amazing! Love them all!

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