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April 8, 2020

Meet the Editor

I'm Dustin Steller. As Editor-in-Chief, I strive to give you lots of eye-candy & let you get to know me a bit. Oh! and I love me some comment love, didn't you know?!



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Dan+Kelly Wedding
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Dan and Kelly are a remarkable couple whom I had the genuine pleasure to share in their wedding day! Their traditional Catholic ceremony was in Lawrence, where family and friends gathered to celebrate with them.

The celebration moved south to an amazing barn down in Edgerton, Kansas. The band, Pacific Express, rocked the party all night with some incredible tunes for dancing. There were some real pros rocking the floor all night!

I had Cate Crandell rocking the day with me, helping me capture every special moment. All in all, we had fun shooting some amazing photos and I hope that the photos help bring Dan and Kelly’s story to life.

OH! A special note to…umm, make note of… Kelly’s mom made her fabulous silk gown and the bridesmaid dresses, AND did the flowers (over 700 colored roses!) and much more. That is one talented lady!

Make sure you comment and let us know what your favorite photos of the day were!

Blustery cold and crazy clouds followed us all day. It even snowed for a while!

A skilled master holding her ornate creation!

Ain’t it pretty?

Yes, yes it issss pretty!

Something about being a daddy to two girls…daddy/daughter moments always hit me.


Stud and his big brother with a flying monster on the chalkboard.

Just look at that joyful face…you wanna know why?

This is a pretty good reason, don’t ya think? :-)

YAH!! What a nutty bunch.

Stud and company.

Whoa! Hottie alerts! This was a fun bunch of ladies. You rocked it.

Hims and Hers.

Yes….I ALWAYS have fun in parking garages.

I flagged down the bride+groom (they followed me to the reception) and we pulled over and ran into the field for a few quick and cold shots. I loved the results.

Dance….burn, baby burn.

There were a LOT of great speeches and I had to include a few photos of these funny guys.

Check out the yum, yum cake! Cate is holding the light to the right. See her gray sweater? 😉

Kind of a cool view of the barn, huh?

The band, Pacific Express, rocking out for some crazy-good dancers.

Ring shot!

The barn…at night. It was cooooold outside without a coat! Ha!

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  1. Jane Conway

    WOW….where do I begin??? What a beautiful tribute to Kelly, her parents and the sacrament of marriage. Congratulations to all and may you always remember the blessings of the day. Jane Harmless Conway

  2. Jeff Houtteman

    Beautiful bride and groom at a really special place to celebrate the joining of two lives. Thank you for sending these out for those of us who were there in spirit.

  3. Al Babich

    Defintitely, beyond the usual wedding photographs- Great settings and posing-I enjoyed the photographs that were taken with sensitivity and style.

  4. Pham

    Dan & Kelly are such a beautiful and holy couple. The pictures were magical!

  5. Jenna

    Difficult to pick a favorite–they are all beautiful. I’d have to say one of my favorites is Kelly in the field. Kelly is SUCH a beautiful bride; all of her are gorgeous. I also like the ones of the groomsmen. I’m kind of fond of those silly Schwaller boys. : )

  6. Lorie D

    I LOVE the pictures of Kelly in the field…and I also love the hims and hers pic…kind of random I know since there are no heads, but I thought it was cool. LOVE the picture of Kelly in black and white in her wedding dress…her smile is awesome!…LOVE the picture of the groomsmen that does look like a band picture :)…and I LOVE the picture of Dan watching Kelly walk down the aisle

  7. Vikki RIchter

    Loved the photos,very cool way of capturing the day. The colors are wonderful!loved the CU of Donna buttoning the dress up and the one in the field is awesome. thanks for sharing!

  8. Cheri McCuaig

    I have a large tears flowing from my eyes to my chin. What incredibly beautiful reflections of a spectacular union of two amazing people. I feel honoured to be family and priveledged to be your friend. Love Always. Aunt Cheri

  9. Deb Tagtalianidis

    Beautiful people, beautiful day, beautiful memories, and wow beautiful pictures. Amazing!

  10. Fr. Kent

    Wow! What great pictures. So sorry that I couldn’t be there for the wedding. It looks like it was beautiful

  11. Noelle

    Your pictures are amazing! I love your use of the lighting! Great job!

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