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May 18, 2021

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I'm Dustin Steller. As Editor-in-Chief, I strive to give you lots of eye-candy & let you get to know me a bit. Oh! and I love me some comment love, didn't you know?!



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Jon+Caycee Anti-Bridal
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So, it’s not a traditional bridal shoot. It is not really a “trash the dress” or TTD session. It takes place after the wedding but before an anniversary. It is…as someone whom I hold in very high regard (John Michael Cooper of altf.com) would call it…it is an anti-bridal. Totally out of the ordinary and not what you would expect.

My original plan for this shoot was…well, suffice it to say that it got put on the back-burner due to circumstances beyond my control, so for this shoot we all three winged it and just drove around and shot at a lot of fun spots. Not much of a plan, but fairly decent results. 😉

Jon and Caycee and I had a ball. I shot their wedding on July 5, 2008, and I absolutely love the couple. They are more than just clients to me. I hope you see a bit of their personalities in these photos. I am working on several “special” ones that will be released later, but I wanted to get this sneak peak up asap.

Please, please, speak up and let me know what you think and which one is your favorite!! I am dying to know!

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  1. Caycee

    I love them! It was great just being spontaneous and going where the day and road took us. As much as we joked about going to Santa-Cali-Gon I am SO GLAD we did! The carnival pictures from there are so colorful and just gorgeous. From first glance I think my favorites out of these are the convience store and the one right after it…..but love them all.
    I am so glad we did this! Just a tip to Dustin’s brides: you must do this! It was such a great way to put the dress on again and have a lot of fun with it before storing it away in a box! Dustin, I have run out of words to describe how incredible and talented you are. We are so lucky to have you as a friend…..and you’re not too bad at being our photographer either. :-) Thank you, thank you for doing this shoot for us.

  2. Dale Hogan

    Nice work Dustin! The shots are great and what a sweet bride and groom. They really do seem awesome! I think the sunglasses and the burger joint are my favs! Keep rock’n it buddy.

  3. Cheryl

    Ok Dustin when Caycee told me she was going to do this I thought have you lost your mind? However, when she came back and told me how much fun you three had I knew the photos would be awesome, and you didn’t let me down. Of course, I love the HiBoy shots but I can’t decide which one of the two is my favorite. The one in the grassy field is beautiful, simply beautiful, and the picture where she has the sunglasses on and you can see Jon and yourself in the lenses is fantastic. I can’t stop looking at the picture where they are kissing and everyone in line for the ride is oblivious that a bride and groom are standing in the middle of a carnival!! Cracks me up. Your passion for your work clearly stands out in all the pictures and you truely capture Jon and Caycee’s personalities.

  4. Brian Stevens

    Wow… I love the creativity of the whole thing so it’s tough to pick just a few favorites. If forced though I would have to say the first shot, the burger joint sipping a drink and sitting together at the carnival playing a game.

  5. Larry

    Excellent as always!!! Of course I like the one on the front counter drinking the soda!! Thanks for capturing every aspect of the wedding and Caycee and Jon’s wonderful personalities for us to enjoy for years to come.

  6. Michael

    Outstanding, Dustin! Love the shot of the bride on the fast-food counter.

  7. Kaitlin

    I love these pictures! I think that my favorite is in the convenience store. The carnival is really cool too! Caycee looks so cute with her colorful scarf! and Jon is so hot! LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them!!!!!!

  8. Mark

    GREAT STUFF Dustin! My favorite is the super market. Talk about a great use of leading lines! The shot of her sitting on the counter sipping a soda had me laughing! You rock!

  9. Bryan

    the first one is my fav. i like the one on the hill too! awesome work man!

  10. Jon

    How hot is Caycee!!! I love the sunglasses shots and of course the HiBoy salute. I can’t wait to see the shots “on the rock” and the rest of the field pics. We can’t tell you enough how much fun we had standing in front of your lens again and again. What a talent you are.

  11. neal

    Dustin these are great images, but what should we expect.

    Jon & Caycee, these images are totally you. The one in the back of the HiBoy is money!

  12. Emily

    I love these! My favorites, in order: Caycee on the counter sipping soda, the first one where they’re on the rocks, and the shot of them in the field. They’re all great though!! :)

  13. denise

    Just when I htought you rpicturs couldn’t get any better! I love these! The sot in 7-11 is awesome, and I love teh one in front of the carousel. THey are all fabulous. Yourphotos are way better then anything I have ever seen in a magazine.

  14. Joyce Porterfield

    I didn’t know what to expect when I heard of this shoot. I love them all, but especially the first and last one, the convience store, the Hi Boy counter, the field and the rocks. I can’t wait to see the rest. You are a great talent, Dustin, but I have to say, you had amazing subjects in Jon and Caycee.

  15. emily.soulliere

    funny story…i kept seeing pictures of this couple like on your flickr and whatnot. and i kept thinking…man, she looks so familiar…then i realized that we went to church together as kids.

    these are really awesome though!

  16. Charlotte

    Hi Dustin! Wow I really like this idea! My Favorites: grocery store, field shot, sitting on the counter, & sitting at the arcade! Awesome job!

  17. YM

    Love the field shot and the first one!

  18. Brenda Pusey

    The first one and the two inside the diner. Awesome!

  19. Sarah

    W-o-w! These are so great!!!

  20. Christie

    Ooooo!!!! I LOVE the 3rd shot with them in the convenience store and also the 7th shot of her on the counter. My favorite kind of photo session is just like the kind you did…the spontaneous, drive-around-stop-when-you-see-a-cool-spot. It definitely makes you crank up the creative juice a couple notches…and gives the most unique and creative product. Great work! The colors are all so fun and vibrant.

  21. Brigette'

    Dustin. I did Caycee’s flowers for the wedding and I have been checking out your blog ever since! I absolutely love this pictures! My favorites have to be the “HI Boy” shots. I also love the field shot! You are one of the best.

  22. eric

    amazing session. love the counter soda shot – prefect balance of the real and the beautiful. you nailed it.

  23. Dave

    God. That one in the quicky-mart is awesome. I may just steal that shot. I love everything about it.

    Are you using lightroom? I love your look and feel, and think I can see a little lightroom flair to it.

  24. jenniferL

    these are very cool! i love the first one, the one on the floor in the store, and on the counter! great colors and love your processing! cute couple too!

  25. Pete Dulin

    Something that might interest you as an alternate venue for single images…

    Take Your Shot – featured photographs each week from local photographers in an ongoing gallery. Send an image to present@presentmagazine.com for consideration.

  26. Tracy Johnson

    I LOVE the first one, the one in the 7/11, the one where she’s sitting on the burger bar and the two of them in the fairground – the juxtaposition of the colour plus the local is really creative

  27. Ciseren

    Lovely session :) congrats on your great works…

  28. Jennifer

    I LOVE the one of her sipping the drink sitting on the counter. My second fave is the one of them on the floor at the 7/11. So fun! (I’m a friend/client of Rebecca Peters and wanted to check out your other stuff.)

  29. Kaarin

    I love these! They’re phenomenal!!

  30. Justine

    What a great concept! Love the different venues! :-) Colour and light also mangificent.

  31. Do?um Foto?rafç?s?

    Great session, i love these.

  32. Dogum Fotografçisi


  33. Lisa Redfern

    The Stellerphoto.com websites is really fun! Dustin’s energetic and lively personality surrounds his subjects in a carefree and adventurous atmosphere…it comes through in his dazzling imagery.

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