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May 18, 2021

Meet the Editor

I'm Dustin Steller. As Editor-in-Chief, I strive to give you lots of eye-candy & let you get to know me a bit. Oh! and I love me some comment love, didn't you know?!



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Steller Photography is based in Kansas City and primarily produces artistic photography for weddings & seniors...high school seniors, not old people.

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Long time, No See
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Wow! It has been a long time since I got a spare moment to rip out a blog post. I have been busy shooting, designing, shooting, editing, designing, shooting and editing!!

We just got back from a looooong-overdue vacation to Jamaica. More on that will follow later in June when I post the photos. Suffice it to say, the trip was amazing.

We’ve celebrated the girls’ birthdays, traveled, started new businesses, and all sorts of other fun things that I just can’t wait to tell you about.

I have queued a backlog of photo sessions ready to post and plan to do it all this coming week. Some will be a little outta order, as I want to share my weddings and engagements first with lots of seniors mixed in between. Please let me know what you think of the photos when they are posted, k? I LOVE to hear from you all!

A few special surprises are coming as well and will be showing themselves very soon!

Oh! and to quickly wrap this up, here are a few photos of the little ladies that rule our home…

Ashlyn is in Pink, Jillian in Purple.

Little Steller Birthday Dresses

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  1. Dale

    Good to see you posting again mate. So glad to hear you got away for a little break. The girls look beautiful!

  2. marianofriginal

    whattup D! don’t tell me you guys are pregnant?!?!?! LOL — anyways, cant wait to see what u have up ur sleeve.

  3. Troy

    It’s great to see you posting again. Welcome back to the blog world. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos from Jamaica.

  4. Sandy Farrar

    Love those grandbabies! :)

  5. Ken Klassy

    So when are the twins due?

    (I love starting roomers!) OR are they…

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

  6. Dustin

    Vacation was amazing. i can’t wait to share it with you.

    Goodness! You folks are giving me a heart attack! NO new kids in the foreseeable future!! :-)

    Surprises are photography and design-related, my friends!

  7. Bruce L. Snell

    Jamaica? Seriously? I was just there too? Where were you? I was in Negril at Legends from May 26 through May 31.

    What a coincidence!


  8. Jason Domingues

    Those are the cutest kids ever!

  9. Brian Stevens

    Hey man… I was going to write to see where you went. I’m really glad to see everything is going so well for you! I hope we’ll get a chance to shoot together again someday. Regardless I would love to hang out with you again (might have to travel south to KC).

  10. Jan Garcia

    What a bunch of cuties! Can’t show Tey, she will get “baby girl envy” again. hhahahah

  11. cate

    you’re so fun. i miss you!! great photos!!!
    see you soon….

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