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September 28, 2020

Meet the Editor

I'm Dustin Steller. As Editor-in-Chief, I strive to give you lots of eye-candy & let you get to know me a bit. Oh! and I love me some comment love, didn't you know?!



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Steller Photography is based in Kansas City and primarily produces artistic photography for weddings & seniors...high school seniors, not old people.

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Gradeschool games – TAG!
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My new friend, Bobbi, tagged me. This is like the big-kid version of the playground game “Tag” where the slow and weak get tagged and the bigger faster kids get to go on and play! Just kidding, you all!

Ground rules: I tell you eight things about me that you may not have already known, then I tag eight other bloggers.

Eight things about Dustin Steller:

  1. Oldest of 5
  2. Begged mom to home-school…and she did (with 4 other siblings) from 7th grade through high-school.
  3. Started college at 15 and is self-taught both Design and Photography.
  4. Love sweets, but not so much on the chocolate side of things.
  5. Played baseball for 13 years.
  6. Worked at a church for 6 years.
  7. Likes to make new friends and is probably overly friendly.
  8. Always lived in the Kansas City area and grew up on a farm.

I am tagging:

  1. Kelly Talele
  2. Erin Vey
  3. Luke Cornwell
  4. Jan & Tey Garcia
  5. Jamie Huffman
  6. Kate Mefford
  7. Lisa Fitts
  8. Priscilla & Bob Rathbone

As is the new tradition…If you comment (and I hope you do!), please tell us one thing people may not know about you!

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  1. Luke

    TAG! You’re IT!

    Something most people don’t know about me … I work as a computer technology consultant and love photography, but my college degree is in Bible (Religious Studies) and almost have a minor in counseling.

  2. Jamie

    Looks like a blog is a must now. 8 interesting things about me? That may be more difficult then it sounds.

    I didn’t know you were homeschooled…So was I! Explains a lot huh?!? lol

    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. KellyT

    You do realize you are in big time trouble for this, don’t you? 😀

    Quick fact about me: I’ve had two nose jobs, but they weren’t for cosmetic reasons. I broke my nose playing basketball in high school. Which is why I now abstain from all sports. 😀

  4. Jan

    College at 15!! holy moly. I played…so now, I’m trying to get Tey to post.

  5. bobbi

    WOW! we have LOTS in common… I too am self taught in both graphic design and photography. :)

    Thanks for playing!


  6. Katie

    Very interesting facts! I don’t think I could come up with 8.

    One little known fact that many of my new friends might not know is that I used to have my belly button & tongue pierced.

  7. Brian - Genxtek

    Cool facts… we have a few things in common. I started college young too.

    Little known fact about me… Although I’m a computer guy I actually have a degree in Theoretical Physics along with certificates/diplomas in graphic design and photography.

  8. Lisa Fitts

    thanks for tagging me! :)


    your blog stalker -lisa

  9. Nicole Renee

    I taught myself photography and I actually used to be a court reporter and type 225 words a minute!!

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